K3 class in May

We had a blast in K3 this month! We started off the week by making present and card for our moms in celebration of Mother's Day! K3 kids really did a good job. They listened carefully to the instructions and drew their moms very well.

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We also had lots of new discoveries. We learned about plants and animals! We planted broccoli sprouts and watered them until they grew tall! Also, we know now what animals eat. Some animals eat plants, some eat meat, some eat both plants and meat!

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K3 kids made fun crafts and did a lot of sorting and sensory activities too! They were so happy and proud of themselves because they did it on their own! I could see the smile on their face when they did it successfully!

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Some of the K3 kids also had their very first Show and Tell presentation. They did a great job. Nobody cried! They were not shy at all!

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What an amazing month! We are ready for new discoveries!

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