Santa came to School!

How lucky are the students of NWIS?! Not only did they enjoy a wonderful Christmas potluck party, eating delicious foods with their friends and family (which the parents so kindly prepared and brought along, thank you!) but they received a special guest in the form of Father Christmas himself - Santa Claus!

Some of the children's mouths dropped in surprised awe, some were scared and cowered into their parent's arms, others looked like their dreams had come to life at the sight of the man dressed in red, who they learn about only through stories and songs, bringing so much Christmas joy to them and other children the world over.

They sang songs to Santa and got an opportunity to take a photo with him as well... and of course, received a wonderful present!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, see you in 2018!

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Sports Day

It was a nice sunny day for our Sport's Day.

Many families showed up, and many grandparents too!
We started off our day with K3, K4, and K5 sprints. Everyone was so quick!

Next we had our dances from K3 and what a cute dance it was!
After that was our first parent and child relay race, the Big Pants Race.
We had a few spills but it was fun nonetheless!
Then we had our dances from our pre-K classes, K4, and K5.
They all did such a wonderful job and it was such a delight to watch.

After our break we had the next parent and child relay race, the Super Hero Race.
All the children looked to have so much fun flying through the air!

After that was the K3 Shopping Race.
All the K3 seem to know all of their fruits and vegetables, well done!
The Balloon Race by the moms and the Baby Race by the dads were fun as always.
The K4/K5 relay race was quite a sight to watch!
All the children ran the best they could going through all the obstacle courses and it was a very close race. Well done!

Everyone did a great job and tried their best. What a fun day!


Preschool のダンスは毎日楽しく踊っているのに、ほとんどの子どもたちが立ち尽くしていました👀
K3の親子ダンスはママたちもとても上手で初めてとは思えないほどでした 💕
Shopping gameでは英語でおかいもの、スピードは気にしない・・。
K4はFlag Dance,K5はParachute みんなの大きな拍手が聞こえたかな?


IMG_0141.JPG   IMG_0032.JPG
IMG_0021.JPG   IMG_0024.JPG

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Halloween Party 2017


Last Friday, NWIS students, their family and friends enjoyed a spooky fun night at our annual Halloween party! The children arrived dressed splendidly as superheroes, villians, princesses and monsters (even a human gulping shark!), ready for the carnival games! They threw balls at cans, rings at hoops or got tattoos on their arms and faces. Lots of prizes were won with laughter!

Some children even braved the scary haunted house - filled with floating hands, glowing eyes, skeletons and passing ghouls in search of a lost pink children's ball... and happened to find it in the grasp of a creepy old man! How would they approach the old goblin man? Some children tried to sneak up to grab the ball, some children ran away in fear, some kept their distance and asked politely for the ball, some even had to struggle and wrestle the ball from the creepy old mans hands! Sometimes the old man gave chase to get the ball back with the children running away screaming and knocking the door in desperation to get out! Some of the parents too!

The party topped off with the children embarking on a fun trick or treat outing, following a marked map around Sengawa to fill their trick or treat bags with many candies and sweets from the teachers , dressed in Halloween garb as well! Make sure to brush your teeth later on and thank you all who came along and made it a fun night for all!

Trick or Treat!?
みんなが楽しみにしていたHalloween partyの始まりでーす。
チケットを握りしめて、カーニバルゲームを楽しんでたくさんのHalloween toysをゲット!
大人も怖がる先生たちの手作りとは思えないホーンテッドハウスは怖くって Let me OUT!!!!"と叫んでいた子も。
外が暗くなってから仙川の町に繰り出して 「Trick or Treat!」 たくさんのステーションを回って




Happy Halloween!


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